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Women’s March Chicago: Some Unprofessional Snapshots

Here are some photos that I took on Women’s March 2018 in Chicago. These are super crude files and I don’t edit anything (too lazy to do that). I only captured what I found interesting. My favorite is someone’s “I’M MAD” sign. I mean, that’s exactly how I feel being someone identified as a woman even though I don’t think I register to that. I also cherish the fact that Trade Union (mainly women, but I spotted a lot of male members) participated and even played marching band.

A lot of intersectional causes can be found here. You can see Black Lives Matter activists, DACA (The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) supporters, pro-environmental justice, immigrant supporters, pro-universal/free health care, the Future is Queer/Fluid, anti-Fascism signs, Revolutionary Action signs (left-leaning organizations),  even Cats Against Trump, Dog Against Trump, etc. This second annual march also focused on midterm voting/voting in general, it encouraged women to more engaged politically even in practical level, i.e, running as candidates. A few people take this opportunity to support some political candidates like Chris Kennedy- Ra Joy (running for Illinois) and J.B. Pritzker (also running for Illinois), and even for Democrats in general. People seem not to bother about this blatant “politicization”/political campaign; nevertheless we persist that even our being there is already political.

Disclaimer: I took two pictures of a cute little boy with super cute signs, “I ❤ Nap but I Stay WOKE” and “Boys Will Be Boys Good Humans“. If you worry about me taking picture of a toddler, I would like to declare that her mother let everyone in the rally take picture of him. So I guess it’s all safe.



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